Top Tyre Care and Maintenance Guide

Car tyres, just like any other car element, need adequate care in order to last as long as possible and perform properly. Your tyres can be particularly vulnerable to damage such as wear as they are constantly contacting the surface.

The good news is that appropriate Nexen banden Leeuwarden maintenance is pretty simple. Just be sure you follow the next tips to maximize your tyres’ lifespan.

1.Air Pressure

An extremely important part of maintenance is regular air pressure safety checks. If you want to get the most precise results, you can use a pressure gauge every morning before using your vehicle. You can locate your car’s recommended air pressure in the owner’s manual and on a label usually situated on the side door.

Poorly inflated tyres can decrease your car’s gas efficiency, decrease their life expectancy, and even cause dangerous blowouts. Luckily, all cars made after 2007 come with TPMS, an air pressure monitor system that will warn you when your tyres are underinflated. If your car comes with a TPMS, be sure your service facility possesses the necessary equipment and training to fix it correctly.

2. Tyre Rotation

Frequently rotating your car tyres is a vital part of proper maintenance. During each rotation, the mechanic will remove each rim and put it in a completely different location to guarantee even tread wear.

You need to adhere to the rotation schedule detailed in your manual. Most tyres must be rotated every ten thousand miles or at any oil change. Experienced professionals have to inspect the overall condition of your tyres during all rotations. Correcting and catching the root causes of premature and uneven wear early on, will help to prevent your wheels and tyres from getting damaged too soon. Tyre wear is expensive and dangerous.

3. Flat Tyres

Sadly, flat tyres are highly common. Motorists must know there is one way you can properly repair flat tyres. Wrongly repaired tyres will cause blowouts, fatal injuries, and serious accidents.

Long ago, most auto maintenance mechanics used to fix tyres with fabric-based plugs or strings. Startlingly, some of them still do this today. Plugging costs only about ten dollars. This can seem good for car owners trying to save money or time. But if people knew all the hazards involved, they would see it is not worth it.

4. Tread Depth

The tyre tread allows your car to grip and hold the surface and maintain full control. When the grooves on your tyres are worn, your car will not grip the street effectively. You can easily measure the tread depth of your set of tyres:

First, locate the region on the tyre that has a lower tread.

Grab a coin and place it, headfirst, inside the tread.

When you are able to see the head, it means the tread is below 4/32”, which means that you have to replace it as soon as possible.

The Best Way to Fix a Tyre

A trained and qualified mechanic has to inspect your tire in and out. A proper repair takes about thirty minutes. But if your tyre cannot be repaired, then you must replace it right away. Paying for new tyres is better than putting your passengers, your vehicle and yourself at risk.

Here are other ways you can practice proper maintenance:

  • Align your wheels once every year to get better steering control.

  • Check the spare Autobanden Leeuwarden regularly.

  • All tyre repairs and services must follow your tyre manual instructions.

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